Meet the Mystics

At our annual club meeting and banquet, we established the current
  Board of Directors.  They have submitted the following remarks by
  way of introduction:







Mike Hartin- President, previously served as Vice President.   Mike is the current director of the weekly Q.  Mike also provides audio/musical support for several annual Lake races including the Swimsuit Classic.


Alice Beltran-Rodman-Elected Vice-President in 2015. Alice joined the Mystics in 2013 and considers herself lucky to stumble upon such a great and supportive group of people. She's been a runner and competitor since she was 11 years old and in 2013, had been in a little bit of a rut after a couple of knee surgeries due to a soccer injury. Luckily for Alice, a long time member saw her running along the lake and worked his recruiting magic. Since joining the Mystics, Alice participates in the track program and has coordinated the Mystic Annual Banquet, a Reach the Beach relay team and organizes the club clothing and sales. She also captain's the SRR Annual 26x1 relay. 

Lori Rivas - club secretary.

Pam Paige-club treasurer, previously served as an at-large member of the BOD. Pam has been running & competing in road races for over 25 years and hopes to continue to enjoy running for many years to come.  She is a former personal trainer as well as former health & wellness business owner of On Target Personal Training.

Glen Josephson- At-Large member of the BOD.

Janelle Anderson - At-large member of the BOD

Barry Saunders- At-large member of the BOD.

Marybeth McDonald- At-large member of the BOD.

Erik Cann- At-large member of the BOD

John has been a Mystic Member since 2014.  He has been the race director of the Mystic Runners Grand Prix since late 2015.  He previously served as an At-Large Board Member from mid-2014- early 2016.  He co-directed and volunteered at the Mill Cities Relay in 2016, captained teams in 24-Hour, Mill Cities and Lynn Woods Relays.