Grand Prix 2019

Maria Canino is our 2019 Grand Prix Series Race Director.  She reports the following schedule to the series.  
Maria can be seen most Wednesdays at the Q and can be reached at

Please note:  Some race directors have generously offered Mystic Runners registration discounts.  You must use the codes and/or links provided.

 Finisher in Grand Prix Race         1
 First Mystic Finisher (Male/Female) 5
 Second Mystic Finisher (M/F) 4
 Third Mystic Finisher (M/F) 3
 Fourth Mystic Finisher (M/F) 2
 Fifth Mystic Finisher (M/F) 1
 First Overall Finisher (M/F) 3
 Second Overall Finisher (M/F) 2
 Third Overall Finisher (M/F) 1
 First in Age Group (M/F) 3
 Second in Age Group (M/F) 2
 Third in Age Group (M/F) 1

* Progressive points are awarded for participation:
First month you earn one point, second consecutive month, you earn two points, 3rd gets 3 and so on.
If you miss a month, you get points equal to the number of Grand Prix races you have finished
(you no longer start at one point again, as was the case in 2016).

So please, get out there in your Mystic Apparel and in great numbers as often as possible.  You MUST wear your Mystic Gear to be counted.

JanuaryThe Great Stew Chase 15K
FebruaryLoco Palooza 5K, Salisbury Current Promotion:    Until February 1 st : MysticRunPalooza15 15% off -Complete2/16/2019
MarchSt. Patty's 5K/10K  and Pub Crawl, Salisbury
AprilApril- Ti 10 Miler, 10k and 10 Miler Relay, Manchester,NH   Discount code: MYSTICS
MayStride Along the Tide 5k, Nahant 8:30a.m.:   Click Here5/18/19
JuneMarket Square Day 10, Portsmouth, NH6/8/2019
JulyMiles over the Moon 4 Miler, SalemTBA
AugustBridge and Back 10K, SalemTBA
SeptemberWilmington Half and 5K9/22/2019
OctoberBeat The Tide, 5K, Nahant10/6/2019


FEMALE                         POINTS               MALE                        POINTS
Bethany Mayo11David Crane10
Amy Damon9Dave Parziale8
Ashley DeAcetis9Dave Corbett6
Heather Lane8Nathanial Olson5
Amy Crane6Marcos Rodriguez5
Paula Desmond6Jim Campbell 4
Monique Plourde6John Egan4
Becky Mayerson4Bunroth So4
Thuy Dang3Brendan Lefebrve3
Lisa DiBella3Roy Mournier3
Jen Panacopoulos3Michael Teixeira3
Marian Sales3Jake Aquino2
Lucy Skeldon3John Mulroy2
Lori Marcotte2Derek Cribb1
Stephanie Powers1Ken O'Brien1
Michelle O'Keefe1Richard Colson1
Mary O'Connell1Paul Selkirk1
Christine Scuzzarella1Diarmuid Cahill1
Jen Dodge1Erik Cann1
Alice Ryan1Paul Bouchard1
Robin Lermond1Brad Bombardier1
Lou Ann Green1Jeff Kravitz1
Emma Green1John Bradley1
Laurie Turner1Michael Hartin1
Geeta Jawaharani1Alan Foulds1
Katie Cronin1Chris Bigler1
Marsha Fielder1
Sandra Pfeil1
Melanie Marinello1
Lisa Tulipani1
Mary Beth McDonald1