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New Rules regarding race results and award points

posted Aug 12, 2019, 6:01 PM by Ace Foulds   [ updated Aug 12, 2019, 6:02 PM ]
New Race Reporting Rules

The Board of Directors has decided that race results data for use in determining awards at the
banquet will now come only from the online system,,
 and not from NewSprint.

For the past 12 years I have asked you to send results to me via email. In addition I (and for the past
few years, Ace and I) scour the various results sites (Coolrunning, iResults, Millennium, 3CRace,
etc.) to find as many more as possible.

We will continue to do that, but, per the board, those results will not be entered into the awards

Our awards season runs from Nov. 1 to Oct. 31. Your NewSprint results from last October through
last May have been entered for you, but, for them to count at our next banquet, you are required to
enter your results from May until now.
 If needed, copies of May-July NewSprints can be found Here

Again, we will continue to look for your results for inclusion in NewSprint and, as always, I appreciate
an email with your results. (