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Club Elections
If you are thinking of running for a club office or for the board of
directors, it’s time to make your decision. 
Nominations are due to our club secretary by this Friday (Nov. 15).
 Let Monique know your intentions at

The complete 2020 election schedule for officers and at-large board members is as follows:

Nov. 15        Members’ intentions to run were received as follows:

Candidates for Officer Positions (One vote for each office)
President Everett McBride
Vice President Maria Canino (Incumbent)
Secretary Monique Plourde (Incumbent)
Treasurer Dave Parziale (Incumbent)

At-Large Board Seats (Three Votes, Three Positions)
Barry Saunders (Incumbent)
John Bradley
Katie Cronin
Alan Foulds

                Nov. 30         All bios, goals, and picture for voting site due

Dec. 8-15                  Online Election

Dec. 16    Announcement of Results

Terms: President, one year
Vice President, one year
Secretary, one year (switches to two-year in 2020 election)
Treasurer, two years
At-large board members, two years (Three positions are open each year)