Grand Prix Program- 2017

January: Stew Chase 15k, Lynn  (1/29) - Complete

February: Fudgcicle 5k, Tewksbury  #7(2/18)

March: Running of the Leprechauns 5k, Medford (3/12)

April: Run for the Troops 5, Andover (4/23)

May: Baldi 5 Mile River Run, Haverhill (5/28)

June: Pat Polletta 2 miler (6/2)

July: Miles Over the Moon 4 miler, Salem (TBA)

August: Cape Ann Triple Threat, Rockport (1m, 5k, half) (8/6)

Sept: Lone Gull 10k, Gloucester (9/24/2017)

Oct: Fall Frolic 5k, Beverly, (TBA)

Nov: Ocean View Half and 5K, Ipswich (11/5)*Awaiting confirmation from race director.

Dec: Assault on Mt Hood, Melrose (TBA)


Finisher in Grand Prix Race*
First Mystic Finisher (male/female)10
Second Mystic Finisher (M/F)9
Third Mystic Finisher (M/F)8
Fourth Mystic Finisher (M/)7
Fifth Mystic Finisher (M/F)6
Sixth Mystic Finisher (M/F)5
Seventh Mystic Finisher (M/F)4
Eighth Mystic Finisher (M/F)3
Ninth Mystic Finisher (M/F)2
Tenth Mystic Finisher (M/F)1
First Overall Finisher (M/F)5
Second Overall Finisher (M/F)4
Third Overall Finisher (M/F)3
Fourth Overall Finisher (M/F)2
Fifth Overall Finisher (M/F)1
First in Age Group (M/F)5
Second in Age Group (M/F)4
Third in Age Group (M/F)3
Fourth in Age Group (M/F)2
Fifth in Age Group (M/F)1

* Progressive points are awarded for participation:
First month you earn one point, second consecutive month, you earn two points, 3rd gets 3 and so on.
If you miss a month, you get points equal to the number of Grand Prix races you have finished
(you no longer start at one point again, as was the case in 2016).

So please, get out there in your Mystic Apparel and in great numbers as often as possible.  You MUST wear your Mystic Gear to be counted.



David Corbett31
Troy Brogan20
Everett McBride18
Ryan Kerrigan17
Erik Cann16
David Sanford16
David Parziale15
Jim Noonan13
Dennis Donahue12
Richard Colson11
Michael Smith11
Paul Whitlam10
Brendan Ring9
Noah Rodman9
Richard McDonough9
John Bradley8
Paul Selkirk7
Emmett Murphy7
Alan Foulds7
Reed Barchard7
Michael Hartin6
Marc Ford6
Tim Welch6
Jose Viveiros5
Greg Mastrangelo4
Glen Josephson3
Marcos Rodriguez3
Alexander Skeldon3
Gregory Carson3
Bob Ronci3
Brendan Lefebvre3
Dave Hemmerling1
Kenneth O'Brien1
Paul Bouchard1
Peter Fopiano1
David Burns1
Richard Halloran1
William Peters1
Chris Bigler1
Rich Collette1
Bunroth So1
Andrew Brown1
Michael Skeldon1
Kevin Eaton1
David Ellis1


Julie Dragon42
Bethany Mayo38
Nicole Jacob35
Paula Desmond27
Joan Smith24
Alice Beltran-Rodman23
Heather Lane15
Monique Plourde12
Naomi Laing11
Ashley Deacetis11
Jen Dodge10
Freddi Pare10
Shannon Supplee7
Jennifer Bresnahan6
Lucy Skeldon6
Melanie Marinello6
Andrea Manning5
Marian Sales4
Lori Rivas4
Tammy McDonough3
Rowena Hakkaoui3
Tracy Hamlin3
Thuy Dang3
Mary O'Connell3
Christine Derse3
Kelley Zepf3
Maria Canino3
MaryBeth McDonald3
Deirdre Carson2
Lori Marcotte2
Julie Ronci2
Angel Green1
Judy Tasker1
Mary DiMaria1
Donna Drinkwater1
Jessica Bedrosian1
Erin Fopiano1
Tara Byrne1
Allison Cunningham1
Gillian Capuccio1