Marathon Lottery

How It Works

As in the past, the number of lottery entries per person is determined throughout the year, based on participation in certain races and volunteerism.   

 Also, keep in mind, we never know until we receive them, how many waivers BAA will award us.  


Our 2019 Marathon Participant Lottery Draw took place on Wednesday, November 7th at RCTV 557 Main St., Reading. We drew 5 primary and 5 alternate names of Mystics who will represent the club in Boston.  The are, in the order they were drawn:
Marianne Chmielewski, Geeta Jawaharani, Matt Kerton, Lori Marcotte, and Brad Bombadier.  Alternates: Katie Cronin, Dave Parziale, Monique Plourde, Marian Sales, and Troy Brogan.

By the way, Lottery night is a great opportunity to socialize with fellow Mystics, We had a ton of food and drink.  So many Mystics came out to celebrate.  A great time, to be sure.

Thanks to all who made the evening such a great Mystic celebration. Special thanks to those who helped gather statistics throughout the year: Mike Hartin, Maria Canino, Pat Dooling, Dave Rand, Dave Corbett, and Alice Beltran Rodman. Also, thanks to Ace Foulds for all her help with planning for the evening itself. Finally, thanks to everyone who provided all the refreshments.

2018 Lottery Guidelines/Point System

New Criteria for the 2018 Drawing of numbers for the 2019 Boston Marathon  AND the 2019 Drawing of numbers for the 2020 Boston Marathon.

The club receives a quantity of official Boston Marathon entries from the Boston Athletic Association.  Recipients will be chosen via a weighted lottery as described below.  Official runners and alternates will be known when confirmation from the B.A.A is received.

To be eligible for a marathon number a candidate must meet the following criteria:
  • The lottery participant must be a member in good standing.
  • The lottery participant must have tenure of one year in the club. (you must have joined the Mystics on or before October 31, 2017 to be eligible for the 2018 drawing for the 2019 marathon)
  • Those chosen must complete a 13-mile or longer race (or equivalent run with another Mystic runner) by January 1st.
  • Numbers are non-transferable and must be used by the recipient.  If the recipient is unable to participate in the marathon or does not require a club-issued number, s/he must return it immediately to the Board Of Directors so that it can be assigned to the next alternate.
  • Members who are running with a club waiver are required to run in Mystic Club Gear.
  • Any member receiving and using a club marathon number from the previous year's drawing is not eligible for this year's drawing.
  • All members meeting the above criteria who want to participate in the drawing will receive one lottery entry.

2019 Marathon Draw Rule Changes

2019 Rule Changes Voted by your Board of Directors:
Rules to be applied at the drawing to take place in 2020 for entry into the 2021 Boston Marathon.

  • Mystics must be fully paid up club members for a minimum of two full years.  In other words, a member entering the lottery in 2020 to run in Boston in 2021 must have joined the Mystics no later than November 1, 2018.
  • Members must reside in New England, per BAA Rules.
  • After receiving a waiver, a member is not eligible to enter the Draw for two years.
  • To be eligible, a member must have completed a timed half marathon within the points season (November 1- October 31) in a time of 2:20 or less.
  • Members must run in at least three running events for the Mystic Runners Club in order to participate.  This includes weekly track, Lake Q 5K, Grand Prix races, and any relay run on behalf of the club.
  • A member must volunteer at least three times with at least one of the times outside Tuesday Track or the Lake Q 5K volunteer opportunities.
  • Those renewing membership by January 1 will earn one extra point.
  • Those volunteering to run the Lake Q snack table for a full month will receive ten points.

Members will receive extra lottery entries by:


  • One point for each Wednesday night Quannapowitt run (up to 10 points)
  • One point for each Track/coached workout (up to 10 points)
  • One point for each Grand Prix race (Max. one point per month)
  • Served on the Board of Directors At Large or as an Officer - 10 points
  • Managed the Website - 5 points
  • Served as Grand Prix Director - 10 points
  • Served as Race Director of the annual club race(AKA Mystic Classic) - 10 points
  • Served as Race Director of the Lake Q  Weekly 5K - 10 points
  • Served as Club Coach - 10 Points
  • Produced the Club Video - 10 Points
  • Edited  NewSprint - 10 points
  • Worked the Lake Q Weekly 5K run (1 point for each night, up to a maximum of 20 points)
  • Worked the Weekly Track workout  (1 point for each night, up to a maximum of 20 points)
  • Managed the clothing inventory/sales - 10 Points
  • Chaired a committee established by the board of directors - 5 points
  • Served on a committee established by the board of directors - 3 points       
   ADDITIONAL POINTS EFFECTIVE IN 2020 FOR 2021 BOSTON MARATHON                                              
  • Those renewing membership by January 1 will earn one extra point.
  • Those volunteering to run the Lake Q snack table for a full month will receive ten points.
  • Volunteered at Mystic Classic.
  • Volunteered at races, such as the Run to Remember and Eastern States, at which the club is reimbursed, as well as Mill Cities Relay and BAA races and related events ( 5K,10K, Half Marathon, and the Boston Marathon) 

  • - 3 Points per role.
  • For those choosing not to enter the Marathon Lottery, the board of directors will offer an alternative prize.