Track Information- Updated 08/07/17

Our Annual Track Meet August 15

At the upcoming track meet on Tuesday August 15th scoring will be done in the following manner: 10-8-6-4-2-1 by place plus 5 bonus points for a meet record.  

There will be 14 events-Mile Heats A, B, & C (Our Groups 1-2-3), 400 Heats A, B, & C; 800 Heats A, B, & C, 600 Heats A, B, & C and 2 relays a 4 X 200 relay and a 4 X400 relay.  Remember 5 Bonus Points will be awarded for any meet records that are set.


Following are the meet records:


Mile Heat A-Brendan Ring 5:11 Heat B-David Greaves 6:23 Heat C-Nick Kollett 6:48

400 Heat A-Brendan Ring 1:05.5 Heat B-Vin Mehta 1:11 Heat C-Dave Greaves 1:26

800 Heat A-Brendan Ring 2:29 Heat B-Wayne Dwyer 2:57 Heat C-Paul Bouchard 3:05

4 X 200 Relay Orange Crush 2:07

4 X 400 Relay Orange Crush 4:59

All of the 600 wins will be meet records as this is the first year we’ve run a 600 in the meet.


This is the eighth meet (5 outdoor, 3 indoor), in the series.  

This has become a really fun meet at the track as it is a chance for us to do something different and break up the monotony of doing workouts week after week.  A lot of runners have been kept on the same teams for each meet, and a good rivalry has developed between our three teams:   Black Bears, Orange Crush, and Red Dragons.


As with past  meets, if an unassigned runner comes we'll assign them to a team so that the numbers are even or as close to even as possible.   

Notes from the Coach

Outdoor Track workouts are held in Reading each Tuesday night at 6:30PM, outdoors at the new Reading Memorial High School track, Birch Meadow Drive, Reading, MA from late March through October, and indoors at Tufts University from November into  March. Runners train with groups based on their abilities.

Our workouts are conducted by Dave Rand, an experienced coach, who is available for individual coaching advice to runners to assist their running plans - whether that involves fitness running, the marathon, cross-country, or track.

Outdoor Workouts: 6:30 PM Tuesdays at new Reading Memorial High School track, Birch Meadow Drive, Reading, MA. Late March through October

Indoor Workouts: 7:00 PM Tuesdays at Gantcher Track, Tufts University, College Avenue, Medford, MA. November into March.

Coach Rand says:
Check the weekly club email newsletter for updates on the coaching schedule. If you wish to be added to the evite list for practice announcements, send an email to the coach.

Indoor Workouts

Gantcher Center 161 College Avenue Medford, MA 02155

Outdoor Workouts

Reading Memorial High School