Please note:   The annual outdoor track meet has been postponed.  NEW date:  8/28/18.

  2018 Outdoor Track start date: 3/20/18.  Place: Reading Memorial High School

Notes from the Coach:

Our workouts are conducted by Dave Rand, an experienced coach, who is available for individual coaching advice to runners to assist their running plans - whether that involves fitness running, the marathon, cross-country, or track.

Outdoor Workouts: 6:30 PM Tuesdays at new Reading Memorial High School track, Birch Meadow Drive, Reading, MA. Late March through October.  Runners train with groups based on their abilities.

Indoor Track Announcement (Posted 10/29/2018)
Coach Dave Rand announces that indoor track workouts this year will begin on November 20th and will be held at Lexington High School, 251, Waltham St., Lexington. The workouts will be on Tuesday nights at 7:15 p.m. from November until March.  The 2018-2019 public use schedule for the Lexington Field House is not yet published.  A link will be added here once the schedule has been published. The only thing that would prevent us from running on one of those weeks would be if Lexington cancels school on that Tuesday.   You can find the school's latest schedule here.

When you get to the Lexington track you will pay $5 which goes to the Lexington Park & Rec - not us.  You will run in the groups that you normally run with.  Workouts will be self-timed; Dave says that he is not allowed to stand there and time you and coach you as he did at Tufts.  This is a public facility and other runners will be on the track and in the field house.  The track is just over 11 laps to the mile, has a rubberized surface with 4 lanes, and is banked. 

Coach Rand has been told that if we just run in the small 4 to 6 people groups that we run in and don't make it conspicuous that we're all in one club we'll be fine.  Also don’t wear Mystic gear.  This is how Greater Lowell operates and it works out fine for them.  Make sure to run with the proper track etiquette as you did at Tufts and don't cause any waves or issues. Be respectful of the others around you.