Due to the Corona Virus interruption to organized outdoor Track Workouts, Coach Dave has put together  routines you can do on your own:

Outdoor Track Workout 7/7

This week's workout  we'll start with an 800 (.5 miles), then do 6 up hills (.35 miles), followed by another 800 (.5 miles). 

Recoveries will be a short jog (about 2 minutes) after the 800 and then jogging the down hills 

as well as about a .35 mile jog before the last 800.       


The alternate workout will be a 400 (.25 miles), then 3 uphills (.35 miles), followed by another 400.  

Recoveries will be the same as above.   

Stay safe all.

Outdoor Track Workout 7/14

This week’s workout will be a little different. I would ask on this run that you do a 4 mile run in which during that run you do about 20 minutes of harder running. 

This can be any way you want to structure (10 X 2 minute surges, 3 X 1 mile with some recovery in between, lots of little surges, 

a warmup followed by a hard 20 minutes and a cooldown, etc. are some examples) that run.   

The alternate workout will be 2 mile run with 10 minutes of harder running structured as you would like.

4 X 400 and an 800 with a 200 recovery after each 400 and a 400 recover after the 800.

Stay safe all.

Notes from the Coach:

Our workouts are conducted by Dave Rand, an experienced coach, who is available for individual coaching advice to runners to assist their running plans - whether that involves fitness running, the marathon, cross-country, or track.

Outdoor Workouts: 6:30 PM Tuesdays at new Reading Memorial High School track, Birch Meadow Drive, Reading, MA. Late March through October.  Runners train with groups based on their abilities.