Due to the Corona Virus interruption to organized outdoor Track Workouts, Coach Dave has put together  routines you can do on your own:

Outdoor Track Workout 3/31

The workout is 3 X 1 mile with an 800 recovery after the 1st mile and a 400 recovery after the second.

The lighter workout is a hard mile, with an 800 recovery, followed by an 800.

Outdoor Track Workout 4/7

Tonight's 5th outdoor workout we'll be doing 6 X 400 at mile pace. 


Recovery on the intervals will be half the distance after each 

except for after the 3rd 400 you'll get a 400 recovery.

Notes from the Coach:

Our workouts are conducted by Dave Rand, an experienced coach, who is available for individual coaching advice to runners to assist their running plans - whether that involves fitness running, the marathon, cross-country, or track.

Outdoor Workouts: 6:30 PM Tuesdays at new Reading Memorial High School track, Birch Meadow Drive, Reading, MA. Late March through October.  Runners train with groups based on their abilities.