ture of the week- Clarence DeMar

5days until
Boston Marathon


               LATE BREAKING STUFF

As we did last year, we'll be kicking off Boston Marathon Week with a movie night.
This year's feature is See How She Runs, a '70's era movie starring Joanne Woodward as a 
40-something teacher who decides to get back into shape by "jogging", which leads her to a goal of 
running the Boston Marathon.  Filmed on the course, it's a great way to get into the marathon spirit.
Place: RCTV  studio, 557 Main St. Reading (across from Grumpy Doyle's)
When: Sunday, April 13th 5:00 p.m.  
Pizza and Tonic will be provided by the club. 

I hope you enjoy this RCTV production highlighting our local celebrity 
Clarence DeMar

Clarence DeMar, local legend

Here's a virtual preview of our weekly run (summer version).  
We hope you enjoy it.

YouTube Video

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  Hump Day..Halfway to the Weekend...

Another great thing about Wednesday is it's when you can find the Mystics at home on Lake Quannapowitt. 

Each week we gather in the side lobby of the Clarion Hotel (formerly the Lord Wakefield).  Volunteers are on hand after 6pm to greet all arrivals, members or new comers.  We ask a $2.00 donation which either goes towards post race water and snacks or is donated to our favorite local charities.  Numbers are issued to all who sign in, pleasantries exchanged, and then it's off to the starting line.  At 6:45 the runners take off for a perfect 5K around the lake.

 Refreshments and good conversation are always available at the finish line whether you finish in under 20 minutes or over 40.  Finish times are reported in Coolrunning.com, in the Mystics weekly newsletter, NEWSPRINT, which is emailed to all members and, here, on our website.

 So, if you are looking to join a running club or you just want to share a night of running with a friendly crowd, stop by Lake Quannapowitt any Wednesday, any time of the year.

Here's how to find us:

Clarion Inn Lakeside



Next Board Meeting 
The next directors meeting will be 
March 12th - location TBD.

Our Address
Mystic Runners
P. O. Box 1536
Wakefield, MA 01880

Mar. Grand Prix Race


Tuesday Track Workouts.
Indoor track Tuesdays at 7:00pm
at Tufts University.  Contact 
Dave Rand (davidrand56@aol.com)

Club Board of Directors
President Alan Foulds
VP Mike Hartin
Secretary Janet Kay Nelson
Treasurer Don Davis

Dave Corbett (’15),  
Miles Harkins(’15),  
Jen Dodge ('14), 
Chas Gallant('14),  
Colette McGonagle ('15), 
Pete Orrall ('14).
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